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Your Health, Your Choice

So, Whom Do You Believe?

Fred Van Liew Offers over four decades of service and knowledge in all areas of natural health care and support. Results and benefits come first with Fred. Accuracy of information and only consistency of results matters first and foremost. 

Fred & Kathy Van Liew


Together, Fred and Kathy Van Liew support Doctors, their patients, and now virtually all people with accurate proven information and products in all areas of their health, both internally and externally. They support today's need for home based income by allowing others to participate in their sales, proven income producing programs and 40+ years of mentoring skills. Fred's ERCS/eDNA workshops allow virtually anyone to learn true functional muscle response testing and actual skills to eliminate interferences in people's lives like past traumas and emotions, allowing healing to manifest more freely as the body's intelligence intends.


What People Say About Fred & Kathy's Expertise & Results,

Particularly with ERCS/eDNA Workshops and treatments


Bone Marrow Cancer survivor. Nine months later still no cancer markers found after treatment and protocol!

My #! Mentor allows me to explain briefly just what it is I do, that you can do also!

A Participant, now a graduate of ERCS/eDNA, is used to demonstrate her responses before and after application of ERCS/eDNA basics.

Mothers, Daughters of all ages!

Pain, suffering may disappear!

Father/Daughter get to start a new life as past Trauma is eliminated!

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