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The eWater Shower Filter

The eWater shower filter is the answer to fix dry skin, dry hair, and health challenges from bathing and showering in chemical-laden water. In this video, Fred Van Liew shows the revitalizing power of the eWater shower filter!
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The Power of eDNA Trauma Corrections!!!

This is actually where eDNA Trauma Correction technique is so powerful. To date, there is no past trauma or buried emotion that is not immediately cleared to the DNA level in minutes, sometimes seconds. An entire lifetime can be cleared in ten to twenty minutes. Find one of my student
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Suzanne Roger’s Son Responds to eDNA results on Mom!

Suzanne Rogers asked “Need your email address so I can send you a little testimonial from my son this morning… He said “you seem so much happier since you got home.” Thank you. There was nothing more wonderful than my son noticing that I’m happy. It is su
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