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According to health practitioners worldwide, Fred Van Liew is a unique pioneer in the natural health industry. Offering a combination of solutions for clean air, pure water, essential energy, nutrition and emotional clearing techniques, Fred has impacted the lives of thousands of individuals around the world, helping them optimize cellular hydration and harmonic support, improve sleep, eliminate exhaustion, reverse the aging process and achieve abundance in life. Upon experiencing his non-invasive ERCS/eDNA emotional release technique, Madonna Hewston said, “Fred Van Liew saved my life… his 5 simple steps eliminated my 18 years of exhaustion and sickness when over 20 doctors had failed before.“ Thousands have now experienced similar transformations.

Since 1987, over 40,000 Doctors, clients and customers have experienced first-hand Fred’s natural, health-restoring solutions and have changed their lives forever. They have saved thousands of dollars and years of frustration implementing Fred’s proven strategies and remedies for a healthy home, both inside and outside the body. Fred is known for the accuracy of his information and the integrity of his work.

Fred divides his time between delivering seminars and trainings to doctors and individual clients, his radio shows, and consulting audiences/individuals with the secrets to attaining true health and longevity. Van Liew’s current best-selling book “Adrenal Exhaustion and Chronic Fatigue, How to Stop the Nightmare” has enabled people internationally to gain answers not found elsewhere, and eliminate years of suffering. His soon to be published “Perfect Love: Healing with Spiritual Principles” addresses the often ignored but critical spiritual side of healing.

Fred lives in Texas with his wife, Kathy, and they have 6 grown children.

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